Every life is precious.  Every person deserves respect and regard, not only within their small support system, but in the greater world.  Whether out in the open or secure in their small space, each individual is unique and special.  The work rendered by these women is an important part of their lives, something irreplaceable.

Bringing these modest, somewhat shy women out into the open, into the world for all to see is a daunting task.  They are in a world that has been in place for generations.  Most know nothing else.  To leave this comfort of routine is intimidating.  Slowly they are learning there is another kind of world out there.  Very slowly they become curious to get to know it.  The young women, most likely, are interested in moving on, seeing the world, and creating a place in it for themselves.

This book is part of an exhibition organized by the German-Afghanistan-Initiative. I was part of a group of textile artists who translated the photos of a few precious people in Afghanistan into textiles, each in her own way.

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