My love for texture and making has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Sewing and creating from fabric and paper is something I continue to do today. The use of stitch adds another dimension to my art, producing structural, tactile idea conveyers; a sculpture of sorts!

The circle of life in its various stages, the many issues women have in society and the obstacles we all have to face emotionally have formed the basis of my current work. Portraiture and emotion are my vehicles.

Sewing machine sketches are rendered on organza. The transparency of organza invites the viewer deeper into the image, seeing through to the next level. The base is a collage of paper and fabric pertinent to the current theme.

I also build books.

…and have been since I was young.  I love the narrative nature and sculptural appearance of an artist book.  They convey so much and keep the viewer interested and entertained.  I have recently been working to the monthly challenges of #areyoubookenough.  It’s been fun and I learned much working to the themes.  This has led me to combine textiles and books using old unsuccessful art quilts and making “Quiltbooks” – a real combination of everything I love.


Solo Exhibition
2018 – 2019 Nordwestdeutsches Museum für Industriekultur, Delmenhorst, Germany

Group Exhibitions
2018 24th European Patchwork Meeting, St. Marie-aux-Mines, France
2018 Swiss National Art and Contemporary Quilts
2018 German-Afghanistan Initiative touring exhibition
2017 Art Quilt Award, Delmenhorst, Germany
2017 23rd European Patchwork Meeting, St. Marie-aux-Mines, France
2015 German-Afghanistan Initiative touring exhibition
2015 21st European Patchwork Meeting, St. Marie-aux-Mines, France
2015 Fine Art Quilt Masters, Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, England
2015 Art Quilt Award, Delmenhorst, Germany
2014 German-Afghanistan Initiative touring exhibition
2014 20th European Patchwork Meeting, St. Marie-aux-Mines, France
2013 Teximus I, Zug, Switzerland
2013 25 years Patchquilt, Swiss National Group
2013 ZuriOberlander Quilters Exhibition, Hombrechtikon, Switzerland

2017 Art Quilt Award, first prize
2013 Teximus I, voted public favorite
2013 ZuriOberlander Quilters Exhibition, first prize

Connected Threads