And more exciting news!  My installation Symbiosis II has been accepted into the SAQA exhibition 3D Expression.  It will be touring for 2 years.  The first venue is in Grand Rapids, Michigan in September, 2019.  In February, 2020 it will travel to St. Bonaventure, New York, and then in June, 2020 to Delaware, Ohio.  Very happy, as this is my first attempt to apply for a SAQA Global Exhibition.

Exciting news!  I have a solo show at the Nordwolle Museum in Delmenhorst, Germany.  The opening is on Sunday, 2. December, 2018 at 11.  Looking forward to it!  Here’s the flyer: Flyer_QuiltSonderausstellung18

I’ve just sent off two quilts!  One to France for the European Patchwork Meeting in St. Marie aux Mine (the fourth time I am represented!) and one to Germany with a quilt for the German Afghani Initiative “Keep your eye on the planet”  These two quilts will be shown in St. Marie-aux-mine in September 2018.

My Quilt Changeover has just returned home after travelling for over 2 years around the world.  It’s nice to have it back again.

Just heard that our quilts (Trip to the End of the World) will be presented in Farfield Mill, UK from 9 January to 4. March, 2018.  More info here:  It’s nice to know where they travel!

My Quilt Wisdom has won first prize at the Art Quilt Award 2017!  I’m so thrilled!!

My quilt Convergence was accepted to the European Patchwork Meeting in St. Marie-aux-Mine, France.  The first exhibition is in September, 2017 and will travel for a year to various locations.