Exhibition Avenches

A few weeks have gone by since my exciting exhibition in Avenches. I’ve been busy with family events so have just now had time to review my time there. I still can’t believe what a wonderful experience it was. The many visitors, the interesting conversations and the touching response to my work brought a tear to my eye from time to time. Although I could speak no French, I feel I connected with so many people on another level. The week flew by and before I knew it, I was packing up to go home. I will always keep this time in Avenches in a special place in my heart. I can only hope to have another opportunity to show my work in this way. Thanks to organizers Christiane und Marc-AndrĂ© Studer at https://elogedufil.ch/ and of course big thanks to my visitors and collectors!


A Few days before I leave for Avenches, I am starting to pack and finishing up a few new pieces. I love to work small, so am creating a few tiny books from the winter forest. I will bring these and a few others to show at the Eloge du fil. The excitement is mounting!

There is lots of excitement and preparation in the studio at the moment! I am very happy to be invited to exhibit with other wonderful textile artists at the Biennale of Contemporary Textile Arts from October 15 – 23. October, 2022 in Avenches, Switzerland.

The website from Eloge du Fil has more information about the other artists: https://elogedufil.ch/

I will be posting updates on this page as they happen.

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