After a visit to the old textile mill town of Lowell, Ma, I was impressed by the fact that such an important industry could present itself to a place, creating jobs and prosperity, and then suddenly disappear. For many years afterward, the town was a hollow shell of itself, falling to wreck and ruin. After this experience I’ve come to find that many western textile mill towns went through this same metamorphosis. Finally, the industry removed itself completely from the west. Luckily these towns are beginning to find themselves again. The present day appearance is one of positive forward movement, at the same time never forgetting its past. These scrolls are my way of honoring the western textile industry, telling the story of another era.

A series of 6 scroll books hung open, measuring 12×200 cm each.

Currently showing in my exhibition Kinship in Nordwolle Museum, Delmenhorst, December, 2018- March, 2019



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