Into the Woods

Into the Woods



Oh, Mother Earth

Your comfort is great

Your arms never withhold

It has saved my life to know this.

-mary oliver

The forest has a protective way about it.  The large trees with their arms spread out overhead shield us from wind and weather.  Witnessing the movement of the forest through the seasons, we are comforted by the full circle it makes.  From new birth in spring, through growth and maturity of summer, to eventual ripening and dying off, we look forward to a period of rest and waiting until the process repeats.

The symbiosis we have with the forest is evident all around us.  The existence of its beauty and perfection reminds us that we are not the one in charge.  It is the one thing we all have in common.

a series of works concerning the woodlands around us and consisting of 6 pieces, 70x70cm,

and 4 pieces, 30x40cm

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